Finest Luxury Enterprises, Inc.’s mission is to provide unique luxury travel offers and experiences for a niche market of luxury travel enthusiasts. FLE seeks to distinguish itself as a specialist in the field of luxury travel and to be recognized for offering exceptional service and marketing solutions with anticipated growth through continued bookings for our clientele. An efficiently run operation, handled by smart individuals, will enable professional, first class service of FLE. Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of technology with a Flat Fee Model investment opportunity to our clients to ensure the return on investment for continued growth and structure.

Executive Summary

Finest Luxury Enterprises, Inc (FLE) is a privately owned Internet-based Luxury Travel advertising firm that specializes in luxury vacations and services.  It will operate from two bases to serve customers worldwide.  The founders and employees of FLE derive from years of experience in their fields of the travel/tourism industry. Through dedication and knowledge, we have formed a capable and passionate team who are enthusiastic about the services we offer and the broadening spectrum of Luxury Travel.

Within the growing travel industry, FLE will focus on the niche market of luxury travel.  Its primary clients are luxury destination providers who seek a unique marketing platform for their business. The end-user is individuals, couples and affinity groups of high-net-worth who travel leisure at least once per year. Seeking the ultimate travel experience, the target clients demand the finest quality accommodations and activities accompanied by a superior level of service.  FLE will have the competitive advantage over others in the market by providing hand-picked, more exclusive packages, destinations and services enabling the consumer to receive personal attention from the travel hosts.

To broaden market share and increase brand recognition, the luxury travel marketing packages for the client will be offered at a below market rate. As a result the short-term profit margins are projected to be low to mid-range. When FLE has established a loyal core clientele and increased brand recognition, allowing the company to increase the price of the marketing packages to the targeted market rate, operating profit margins are anticipated to rise.