Formed in September, 2012, Finest Luxury Enterprises is an internet based Luxury advertising and marketing firm specializing in the Luxury Travel Industry, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company focus is to develop a prominent market position in the Luxury Travel sector offering a variety of prestigious luxury travel options for travel companies who wish to advance their advertising and marketing through interactive media and designated online display advertising.

Main Concept:

Finest Luxury has built a foundation that continues to revolutionize the way luxury travelers spend quality time by displaying the best-of-class accommodations, services and amenities for the upcoming digital era of a new generation of luxury travelers.

Finest Luxury presents premier handpicked luxury accommodations and services that are showcased by partnering companies accommodating the world’s most extraordinary hotels, resorts, villas, specialty luxury cruises and exquisite tours along with complimentary extras, amenities, activities and personal concierge services.

Our strategic concept combines a wide range of creative marketing models. We continue to demonstrate enormous success by creating a strong niche position in the Luxury online travel industry, building a first-rate platform for continuous growth in this arena. This allows us the ability to follow a target demographic through “Specific Destination Marketingincluding but not limited to… ongoing PPC campaigns, Press Releases and Social Media Marketing,  as well as a strong Retargeting and

Remarketing campaign that leads to follow up conversions and branding worldwide

Google’s Penguin 2.1 update rolled out last year, and the update was much bigger than reported, with websites being either completely destroyed by Penguin 2.1, or their SERP boosted.

This latest update just goes to show how serious Google is at zeroing in on spam and low-quality websites. –Google has warned in the past that backlinks should NOT be the prime focus for ranking, instead webmasters should concentrate on making their website(s) more user friendly and provide better information to users and focus on quality of content, i.e. its usefulness and originality.

The answer lies in niche marketing websites that appear under a more targeted search criteria, that takes you from being a needle in a haystack to a BIG fish in a SMALL pond!

Another update is due out shortly and we will surely be on top of it!

Keep in mind, we target to the specific Luxury Travel Market of people who keyed in a specific search for destination and property type or experience.


Keys to Success

There are 3 critical keys to the success of Finest Luxury Enterprises, Inc:

1. Point of Entry and Time to Market. The growth of the Luxury Travel Market will allow FLE to redefine the user experience on the Internet, setting a high precedence and standard. This will drive brand recognition and the ability to gain market share in the Luxury Travel Sector of the Internet and Social Media websites. FLE will segment and target luxury travelers within the larger travel market.

2. Social Integration and Mobility Platform. FLE is developing and deploying the ability to initiate a trend and drive brand recognition through the vast channels of social marketing and Mobile marketing solutions through telecommunication associates and affiliated SEO partnerships.  Through various revenue generating marketing tactics, FLE plans to utilize these partnering alliances to create the next generation in Luxury Travel.
3. Marketing and Advertising. FLE, Inc experienced executive staff and partners will implement a variety of marketing tactics including online media, press releases, reviews, news, email campaigns and cable television ads. The growth of Internet marketing continues to grow tremendously through SEO and Social Media Tactics that FLE, Inc has executed into their operational system with an in-house technical team and managing partners.

4.1 Primary Objectives: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Top Luxury Travel Destinations need a robust direct online channel strategy in order to take advantage of the steady growth of the Internet and increase bookings through various channels in order to secure an increase of indirect (online booking engines) to direct (travel company website) online channels. By supplying each destination provider with their own booking engine and availability calendar to integrate into their campaign, FLE has the technical advantage to increase bookings with the flat fee model as opposed to other indirect booking websites that require flat fee and cpc format. This concept is the key differentiator that will leverage Multichannel Marketing with an internet and mobility platform.